Agri-Food Research Network is a platform comprising New Zealand and Australian scientists that take on research on the social, economic, environmental, and cultural implications food systems. It provides an open platform for researchers interested in food, agriculture and the rural sector. Ever since it was established in 1992 it has held regular research conferences annually and published papers on areas cutting across various purposes such as:

  • The Promotion of innovations based on sectoral needs across various food-related issues.
  • Fostering debate and information sharing between researchers and other stakeholders in the food sector.
  • Providing an avenue to develop post-graduate students and help academics that are still at the early stages of their career.

Our vision is to provide a robust research base to facilitate decision making on policy subjects of agriculture, sustainable farming practices as well as food security. We aim to facilitate the creation of sustainable, resilient and equitable farming systems that have positive social and environmental impacts.

We also aim to use research to stimulate problem solving with respect to improving productivity, profitability and sustainability in livestock production, cropping, aquaculture, horticulture and the food industry.


It is no longer news that climate change could have and is already having incredibly disruptive effects on the yield, resilience and nutrients of crops. Such effects could translate into very real effects of extreme hunger and worsened food security. We, therefore, aim to shed light on linkages between the changing climate and the overall food industry as well as leverage interdisciplinary-based research to proffer mitigating strategies.

We endeavour to provide a veritable platform for quality and comprehensive investigation of practices and management techniques adopted in crop, horticulture and livestock production. Through this, we hope to facilitate identification of transferrable valuable lessons. Similarly, we aim to examine core specific areas such as pest and disease control, supply chains, use of technology, environmental impact, food loss, productivity, sustainability as well as profitability. Overall, we hope to substantially contribute to the general improvement of crop, horticulture and livestock production.

We aim to examine the lives of farmers, issues related to the handling of natural resources, their rights, welfare and standard of living. We hope to shed light on the core elements of farm living and bring to surface the problems they face.

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